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Deep Cleaning for Gyms

As the Australian Federal government has laid out a three-step plan to ease restrictions related to Covid -19 gyms and fitness centers are planning to reopen. It is highly recommended to gyms and fitness centers to hire professional cleaners to do a deep clean before opening their gyms for members.

What is a deep clean?

Deep cleaning Service is a cleaning service where trained cleaners disinfect all high touch surfaces in your gyms such as all gym equipment, telephone, reception desks etc. Hospital grade disinfectants should be used to wipe all high touch surfaces and all surfaces must disinfected thoroughly.

Thereafter, Safe Work Australia has recommended all gyms to be cleaned and disinfected at least three times a day. Therefore, we strongly recommend that gyms should be cleaned by trained professionals at least once every day . The gym instructors and other staff can disinfect all high touch surfaces regularly during the day. This will also help to maintain an environment that is accordance with Work Safe Australia.

Other measures that can be taken to maintain a clean environment in the gym are as follows

Arrange the gym equipment in a manner that social distancing can be followed by members( 2 Meter gap between equipment)

Members should have access to disinfectant wipes to clean high touch surfaces of equipment before and after use

Access to hand sanitizers

Members temperature should be checked before being allowed into the gym

Maintaining a clean and safe fitness center environment is essential to combat this covid -19. As covid -19 restrictions are being eased, it is essential we do the right thing.

Malachi Cleaning PTY Ltd is currently offering Deep Cleaning Services for gyms and fitness centers

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Phone – 0411 666 249

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