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Colour Coding System

Colour Coding System

Micro fiber cloths can be used to clean most surfaces. They can be used with or without chemicals and they do not shed lint. However, you should check whether the cleaners cleaning your business premises are using the correct color cloths in the correct areas

Please find below colour coding

 Blue - General admin areas/Mirrors/Glass

 Red -Toilets

 Green -Kitchen/Staff rooms

 Yellow -Infectious Cleaning

 White -Operating Theatres

Cross contamination is a hot topic in the cleaning industry. Cleaners have to use the correct colour cloths and mops in the above mentioned areas to avoid bacteria being taken from one surface area to another

For Example, if you see the cleaner using the same red cloth they cleaned the toilet and use it to clean lunch room table, you should immediately report them to the cleaning company management. We do not want germs taken from toilets to kitchen tables by using the same cloths .

Cleaning Operators of Malachi Cleaning PTY Ltd are properly trained on the cleaning colour coding system during their induction. Thereafter, there is a quarterly training for each operator is conducted so that our company is compliant with health and safety regulations.

For more information about colour coding email us on

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