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5 Hidden Areas where you can find dust and dirt in Gyms & Fitness Centres.

5 Hidden Areas where you can find dust and dirt in Gyms & Fitness Centres.

If you are an owner of a gym/fitness centre, you should pay extra attention to 5 areas where the cleaners would have missed in their regular cleaning


Even though cleaners clean showers regularly in gyms, they may not do a detail a clean of showers as required in fitness centres. As a result, stains on tiles and grout will be eventually evident. These stains can become permanent if not cleaned properly.

The best approach for this is to make sure the cleaners are deep cleaning tiles and grout in shower areas with bleach.

Door Handles & General High Touch Points

Disinfecting door handles and general high touch points such phones, keyboards etc are part of the cleaning schedule, However,I can guarantee you that cleaners will not pay much attention during their regular clean.

We at , Malachi Cleaning PTY Ltd have a cleaner reporting system in which the cleaner will be given of all high touch points list and they have to tick each item after cleaning and disinfecting them and sign the sheet and provide it to the supervisor after every clean. This system keeps the cleaners accountable for scope of works.

Under Treadmills

One area our sales team from Malachi Cleaning PTY Ltd , have found a lot of dust in almost all gyms is under treadmills. Cleaners tend to ignore or not vacuum under treadmills because it is too much work. However, it is very unhygienic to leave these areas not vacuumed.

Malachi Cleaning PTY Ltd, organies a day in week where the gym instructors are to lift the treadmill so that our cleaners can vacuum them every week. In some cases, you might need to this daily if yours is a very large fitness centre

Toilet cubical and tile wall area around urinals.

Toilet cubical walls and tile areas around urinals need to be cleaned regularly as part of daily cleaning routine. Dirt and dust can accumulate very quickly if not cleaned regularly. What you need to know is that the cleaners need to use clean red micro-fibre cloths and clean these areas using hospital grade disinfectants.

It is a good idea to go and check these areas after the cleaners clean it . If they are thoroughly cleaned, you will not find any finger prints or any marks on cubical walls or tile walls around urinals

High Dusting

Finally the top of change cupboards in the change room can be missed during regular cleaning. The reason behind this is, people store shoes, and other clothing items on top of the cupboards. Cleaners will generally would not remove these items to dust them .They will merely dust around and continue cleaning.

It is good idea, to make a set time and remove any items on top of cupboards, storage lockers once a week so that the cleaners can thoroughly give a clean and do an effective high dusting clean

We at, Malachi Cleanig PTY Ltd, train our staff to pay extra attention to the above mentioned areas. We also conduct regular site inspections to make sure all our cleaners are undertaking their cleaning duties according to quality standards

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